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About The Process

About The Process

Sky Harbor’s Ground Transportation Office provides its business partners and employees with Ground Transportation Two-Year Revocable Permit Applications, Commercial Driver Identification Cards, Annual Vehicle Decals and Meet and Greet Permits.

Our program is governed by Phoenix City Code, Chapter 4, Article IV. Companies that pick up and drop off customers at our airport must have a permit and fall into one of three categories: On-demand, Courtesy, and Prearranged (Prescheduled).

The companies in the On-demand category must have contracts with the city of Phoenix to be able to transport walk-up (on-demand) customers from our airport. This applies to for-hire taxicabs and time scheduled van service.

The companies in the Courtesy category transport customers to hotels and off-airport parking lots.

Any company can become part of the Prearranged (Prescheduled)/Intercity (outside a 35 mile radius from the airport) category and their customers must prearrange transportation prior to arrival at our airport. This category can include any type of commercial transportation vehicles (limousines, SUVs, sedans, etc.).