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Commercial Use Permit

Commercial Aviation - Commercial Use Permit Operators

Company Business Type Telephone
Accufleet Skycap/Wheelchair Services 602-275-0247
ABM Aircraft Maintenance 702-521-4500
US Airline Services Aircraft Interior Cleaning, Ground Service Maintenance, Janitorial Services, Lavatory Waste Vehicle Dump Services & Security Services 313-622-3147
Airport Terminal Services (ATS) Skycap Services 480-980-0661
Baggage Airline Guest Services (BAGs) Food & Beverage Services, Passenger Handling &  Janitoria Services  480-250-3497
Compass Group USA Catering Screening 480-417-9402
Covenant Aviation Security, LLC Aircraft Maintenance 404-715-6754
Delta CUP Maintenance Service on Passenger Boarding Bridges & Baggage Handling Conveyor Systems 480-233-9270
ERMC Aviation, LLC Aircraft Maintenance 602-910-9517
F&E Aircraft Maintenance Janitorial Services 602-437-5751
Flagship Airport Services Ground Service Equipment Washing Services 602-723-7445
Fleetwash, Inc Aircraft Interior  Cleaning, Aircraft Lavatory Services, Ground Handling Services, Janitorial Services & Lavatory Waste Vehicle Dump Services 310-634-7799
Hallmark Aviation Services, LP Janitorial Services 602-908-1538
Pro-Serv Commercial Cleaning, Inc Cabin Cleaning, Aircraft Security, Facilities and Airport Janitorial & Aircraft Waxing Services 813-235-5381
Huntleigh USA Marshalling, Parking Aircraft, Baggage Handling &  A/C Connection  602-273-3770
Jackson Jet Center, LLC  Aircraft Maintenance 623-201-9109
JetStream Aviation Ground Service Baggage Handling System & Gate System Maintenance Services 801-629-3117
JBT AeroTech Ground Service Equipment Maintenance 480-236-8091
LGSTX Services Roving Security, Front Desk & SIDA/Ramp Patrol 954-871-5090
Marksman Security Corporation Ramp Services, Aircraft Handling, Passenger Services, Fleet/Cabin Cleaning & Janitorial Services 480-363-3595
McGee Air Services Passenger Services - Check In, Ticketing, Arrival/Departure, Baggage Services & Ramp Supervision 602-359-4977
Matrix Aviation Services, Inc. Roving Security, Front Desk & SIDA/Ramp Patrol 815-712-8030
MSA Security Janitorial Services 602-502-1350
National Aviation Services Cargo Handling Services & Ground Eqquipment Services  602-273-9779
Oxford Airport Tech Services Janitorial Services 602-550-8418
PB Cleaning Services Security Service, Cabin Janitorial Service & Exterior Aicraft Wash Service 281-942-6802
PrimeFlight Aviation Services, Inc Skycap & Wheelchair Services 480-290-1053
Prospect International Airport Services On-Call AOG Maintenance 406-223-7173
Aerocheck MRO Cashless Transaction Services 612-843-6227
Ready Credit Corporation Secured Catering Services 602-430-5975
SCIS Air Security Corporation  Airline Food Catering & Preparation 786-423-5233
LSG Sky Chef Fuel Maintenance, Fuel Preventative Maintenance, Fuel Alternative Maintenance, Fuel Maintenance & Testing 480-227-7796
Aeroteams Cargo Handling Services 602-903-3227
Swissport Cargo Services  Ground Handling Services 310-910-9567
Swissport Sausa Maintenance, Operation & Management of Facilities for Arizona Fueling Corporation 602-757-2416
Swissport Fueling  Food & Beverage Management Services  301-987-4000
Sodexo America, LLC Ground Handling Services 602-315-6534
Unifi  Interior &Exterior Aircraft Washing Services 208-292-3847
West Coast Wash Station Aircraft Cleaning, Security & Janitorial 281-233-9710
World Service Co Aircraft Ramp, Cargo Handling & Aircraft Handling 480-431-9448
WFS Express Aircraft Interior Cleaning, Lavatory Service & Ground Handling 602-333-0070
Worldwide Flight Services  Aircraft Interior Cleaning, Lavatory Service & Ground Handling 602-333-0070