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Authorized Signatory Requirements

Authorized Signatory Requirements

All Authorized Signers are (1) required to take Authorized Signer training and (2) to be in possession of an Airport security credential.

All Authorized Signers are subject to recurrent training every year. Email notifications will be sent from our training provider Clarity Net ( to inform you of the requirement to take the Authorized Signer training before the anniversary date.

Recurrent Authorized Signer training is available online via the Internet and may be taken from a workstation computer, common use computer, or at the Security Badging Office (during business hours). The email address to which the training reminder will be sent is the email address that was provided on the badge application form. If this email address has changed since then, please contact the Security Badging Office at (602) 273-2036.

Failure to complete the recurrent Authorized Signer training will result in the loss of Authorized Signer status.

For more information regarding Authorized Signer training or the badging process, please contact the Badging Office at (602) 273-2036.