Comprehensive Asset Management Plan

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Project Goals

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Comprehensive Asset Management Plan (CAMP) is a 20-year plan for airport facilities, infrastructure and land development. The planning process is anticipated to take approximately 18-months to complete and culminates with City Council approval and submission to the FAA. The last PHX long range plan update occurred in 2010. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires airport plans to be fully updated every 7-10 years.


Major ProductsMap

  • Goal setting and inventory of existing conditions
  • 20-year forecast of future aviation demand
  • Analysis of existing conditions and forecast demand
  • Alternative development strategies and screening
  • Recommended “Airport Layout Plan” and implementation strategies 


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The Phoenix City Council will review and possibly take action on CAMP recommendations at its June 11, 2019 meeting.


Public Workshop Held

A public open-house workshop was held on March 20, 2019 for community members to learn about the preferred development concepts and provide feedback. Workshop materials included future project maps, aviation activity forecasts and potential project funding opportunities. See workshop displays Set 1 and Set 2 to learn more.


Project Schedule

CAMP Project Schedule



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