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Phoenix Sky Harbor
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A planning process was conducted to develop a land reuse strategy for properties previously acquired in noise-impacted areas west of the Airport. Using this strategy, an implementation program will take place to produce land use development plans, design guidelines, and implementation planning.

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Project Timeline


Land Reuse Strategy Submitted to FAA

In January 2018, the City of Phoenix Aviation Department submitted the PHX Land Reuse Strategy (LRS) and community preferred framework for redevelopment to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for their review and comment. The FAA’s review is expected to occur over the next several months.

The submittal to the FAA includes an addendum report showing

1) a supplemental land use redevelopment framework prepared by the Nuestro Barrio Unidos Neighborhood Association that proposes expanding the residential core village concept in the Central portion of the planning area and 2) a supplemental concept concerning the formation of a historic district focused on key historical figures and institutions in the planning area.