"The Phoenix" by Paul Coze

The Phoenix mural created by Arizona artist Paul Coze is an iconic city landmark. It was originally located on the west wall in the Terminal 2 lobby. The mural will be relocated to its new home at Phoenix Sky Harbor's Rental Car Center. 

Terminal 2_Paul Coze Center

Three panels of The Phoenix Paul Coze Mural The 75-feet-wide, three part mural is ready for removal.

The Phoenix Mural A portion of Terminal 2's exterior wall has been removed, exposing the back of the mural. A steel support system is in place.

The Phoenix left panel The left panel of the mural is freed from the supporting columns and pushed forward.

The Phoenix Mural Left Panel The left panel of the mural has been wrapped and lowered.

The Phoenix Mural A mural panel is being stabilized with expandable foam.

South Mural Lowering The panel is lowered and pivoted onto the flatbed truck.

The Phoenix Mural Transportation The panel is loaded on the flatbed trailer and is ready to transport.

South Mural Arriving to Hangar Each 16 foot x 25 foot panel is transported at night. 

Mural First_Left panel at hanger morning of moveThe mural panel safely stored on airport property.

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