artwork of large blue sky with clouds and mountains

Ed Mell, Fleeting Clouds, Sedona, lithograph

30 Years 30 Artworks on display at Terminal 4, level 3 Gallery


  • Most Sky Harbor exhibitions are viewable 24 hours daily.
  • Deer Valley and Goodyear exhibitions and Terminal 4 Gallery hours: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.
  • All exhibitions are free and most are pre-security.

Currently On Display

Scott Baxter photograph of Casey Murph

Terminal 2 - lobby and through security line

100 Years, 100 Ranchers
Photographs by Scott Baxter

Aviation History Collection image of North Hanger, 1929Terminal 3  - near Sky Train portal and past security

Cranes, Trains and Airplanes
Constructing Sky Harbor  
Through Sept. 9, 2019

Terminal 3 - Level 4 east arrivals areaContemporary Cows by Tiffany C. Bailey

Intimate and Expansive
Ceramic Artwork by Tiffany C. Bailey
Through November 17, 2019



Terminal 3 - Level 1 near ticketingRichard, 2014, paper paint color samples


Making Faces
Collage Portraits by Sebastiao Pereira



Terminal 4  - Level 3, east of food court

Water in the Desert: PhotographyFull Moon Floating Tumbleweed by Paul Gill 
Through July 7, 2019

Terminal 4 - Level 3, eight display cases (east and west ends)

Arizona's Ancient Seas by Charlotte Bender
Water in the Desert 
Through July 28, 2019

Terminal 4  - Level 3, gallery Annie Lopez, Juanita and Lupe Go Shopping, cyanotype

30 Years - 30 Artworks
From the Airport's Collection 

Through June 9, 2019






Terminal 4  - Level 2, near ticketingJoe Vallee, Electric Mandolin, mahogany and walnut wood

Shaping Sound
The Art of Guitar Making
Through May 2020


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